Experience Makes a Difference

Experience matters.

Quita St. John has represented thousands of clients on every type of DUI, misdemeanor, class B and class C felony criminal charge.  She also practices extensively in juvenile court and understands the specific needs of youth accused of misdemeanor and felony matters.  The courtroom is like a second home to her, and she has been in the courtroom nearly everyday of her career.

Trial experience is a vital tool for any criminal and DUI defense attorney.  Quita has litigated over 50 jury trials.  If you decide that going to trial is the best option for your case, you can be confident knowing that you have hired an attorney who is not only experienced and aggressive, but who will also explain the process to you step-by-step.

Surprise should never be a part of your case.  By choosing Quita, you choose an attorney who has seen and experienced every aspect of a criminal, juvenile or DUI case thousands of times over.

Quita also has worked exclusively in Washington State and is thus very familiar with the court houses, the judges, and most importantly, the prosecutors.  No attorney can guarantee a client a particular outcome, but Quita can guarantee that her extensive experience will serve you well.  As one prosecutor said after his third trial in a row where Quita’s client was found not guilty: “She has no fear!  She will take any case to trial.”

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