What to Expect

When you choose The St. John Law Group, you can expect a free consultation with our experienced and compassionate attorney, Quita St. John.

Quita will explain the process of a criminal or DUI charge step-by-step.  Quita also has significant experience working with youth and represents youth on juvenile matters as well.

First, Quita wants to hear your story.  What happened?  What didn’t happen?  What do the police claim happened?  It’s important that you understand the evidence that the prosecutor will try to use against you.

Since Quita has represented thousands of clients, she knows that everyone has a different goal for the outcome of their case.  No attorney can ever guarantee a particular result; however, it is important that Quita knows the goals of your representation by the St. John Law Group.

Your goals for the outcome of your case might be:

  • No jail time
  • Dismissal of certain charges
  • An infraction
  • No immigration consequences
  • Retaining your drivers license
  • Taking your case to trial
  • No adverse affect on your professional license
  • Lifting a no contact order
  • Seeing your children

Quita will also explain the steps of the criminal system as many times as you need.  This is your case.  You need to be informed.  With experience in thousands of cases, Quita can tell you what to expect.

The St. John Law Group will secure all the evidence in the case against you from the prosecution.  Quita will review this evidence in detail, conduct interviews, and consult with experts.  She will tell you about any consequences of a plea or a guilty finding, as well as the potential outcomes of a jury trial.  Your decisions in your case will be well informed, and Quita’s legal opinion of your case is backed by years of experience in thousands of cases.

Please contact us to set-up an appointment with Quita.